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SubhanAllah where would you rather spend the Holiest month of the year if not at the Holiest place in the world?

Alhamdulillah by the grace and mercy of ALLAH SWT join us at Ibadah Tours this Ramadhan through our great packages suited for all in order to maximise your IBADAH.

We have available 4 and 5 star packages all inclusive of Flights,Hotels,Visa Acquisition,Transfers,Guided Tours and Iftar or Suhur depending on your chosen package.

You our valuable brothers and sisters have the options to travel for:

1st Ashra- DAYS OF MERCY

The first ten days of Ramadan is to seek mercy from ALLAH, as His mercy is boundless and it is unto us to ask for His mercy to be showered upon us.

The objective of first Ashra is practicing being merciful to your fellow beings by giving charity, the act ALLAH loves the most.Treat fellow Muslims well by controlling your temper.Help people whenever wherever and never say no to them because ALLAH helps those who help others.


Forgiveness is to do Astaghfaar for all sins committed so far by Muslims especially in the second Ashra of Ramadan and to repent unto ALLAH. Do Astaghfaar, feel sorry, desist from committing it again, and make sure not to fall for the same sin again.

These are the days of Maghfirah and in the mid of Ramadhan AlLLAH SWT’s forgiveness is at peak. He forgives only those who prostrate in front of Him with ashamed spirit and pledge in heart not to do the same again ever. Do Tauba as ALLAH loves those who repent for their sins, verily He is the only forgiver.

Be Kind – Forgive All while you are asking for ALLAH SWT’s forgiveness in this Ashra, make sure that you do the same towards your fellow Muslims by adopting alike trait of your Lord and forgive them for all their deliberate mistakes. If ALLAH SWT forgives then who are we not to right?


The last Ashra comprises the vital days of Ramadhan as it unveils those days that are termed as “mother of all days- Lailat-tul-Qadar” the reward of which is the highest amongst the rest of the days. Though the entire month is a blessing, yet ALLAH SWT has provided Muslims with a night within the last Ashra, The night of decree. Greater in virtue and is better than the nights of a thousand months.

Besides Dhikar and the recitation of the Holy Qur'an Muslims perform Ithikaaf and observe special Nawafils, Salatuh Tasbeeh in third Ashra for beseeching sanctuary from hell.

May ALLAH SWT grant us all with his mercy and blessings during this month and make it a means for us to strengthen our Ibadah continuously for the rest of our lives.

May ALLAH SWT bless you all with happiness and success in this life and the next.


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