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Umm Salamah (RA) relates that the Prophet (ﷺ) said, “If anyone puts on Ihram for Hajj or Umrah from Masjid Al-Aqsa and then proceeds to the Sacred Masjid (Ka’bah), their past and future sins will be forgiven, or they will be allowed in Paradise”. ABU DAWUD

Visit the holy ground to experience first-hand the beauty, serenity and peace of mosques around the globe with our tailored holidays. Book a 3 mosque tour with Ibadah Tours to pray and feel the power of these holy buildings. To go into detail about what each package includes, contact our team in London.

3 Mosque Tour

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NOTE: All our packages are subject to availability, prices may vary depending on exact dates of travel.

2023 Mosque Tour

This is the Ultimate package for a believer. You will have the chance to pray in all three of the blessed masjid’s in Islam where reward for each salah is multiplied compared to anywhere else in the world. You will also be taken through the rich history of Islam with Ziyarah’s in Palestine, Jordan, Makkah & Madinah as well as performing Umrah.


Abu Hurairah (RA)relates that the Prophet (SAW) said,

“You should not undertake a special journey to visit any place other than the following three masajid, with the expectation of getting greater reward : the Sacred Masjid of Makkah, this Musjid of mine (SAW), and Masjid al-Aqsa (of Jerusalem)”.

In another narration the words are, “For three Masajid, a special journey may be undertaken: The Sacred Masjid (Ka'bah), my Masjid (SAW), and the Masjid of al-Quds (Jerusalem)”.

Sahih al Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, and Sunan Abu Dawd


Ibadah Tours Ltd knows and understands that the reason for us to travel to these blessed lands is to pray in all three blessed masajids and seek the multiple rewards. That's why when we arrange our tours, we make sure that we provide you with enough time to do this.


Anas ibn Malik (RA) relates that the Prophet (SAW)said,

“The prayer of a person in his house is a single prayer; his prayer in the masjid of his tribe has the reward of 25 prayers; his prayer in the Masjid in which the Friday prayer is observed has the reward of 500; his prayer in Masjid al-Aqsa (i.e al-Aqsa Sanctuary) has a reward of 5,000 prayers; his prayer in my Masjid (SAW)(Madinah) has a reward of 50,000 prayers; and the prayer in the Sacred Masjid (Ka'bah) at Makkah has a reward of 100,000 prayers”.

Our expertise in Jerusalem, Makkah and Madinah have led us to be one of the best in the market when it comes to the 3 masjid tours. We meticulously plan our trips, so you get the best possible experience, hence we use the best and closest Muslim owned hotel to Masjid Al Aqsa, The Hashimi Hotel, which is located in the heart of The Old City. The hotel also has a rooftop with jaw dropping views of The Old City and provides customers true Palestinian hospitality which you will not be able to find anywhere else on this planet.

We also choose strategically located hotels to ensure quick, safe and easy access to the Haramain for all our customers as well as ensuring the hotels selected are amongst the best in both Makkah & Madinah. We also select private A/C VIP coaches to ensure you are transferred safely and comfortably. The dates are thoughtfully selected around the school holidays, making it possible to take your whole family.


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day 1
Arrival - Jerusalem

Welcome to Tel Aviv! Upon arrival you will be transferred to the Jerusalem hotel. You'll have the rest of the day to explore the country’s second largest city blessed with sun bronzed coastline strip, at your own leisure. Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem.

day 2
Jerusalem - Pray Juma’a

After breakfast, you'll visit the first Qibla and third holiest place on earth, Masjid Al-Aqsa (Bayt Al-Maqdis), and the Dome of the Rock (Qubrat sakhra) where Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven, Al Musalla Al-Marwani and Al-Buraq Wall, have Juma'a Salah at Al Aqsa and then free time. Back to hotel for dinner and to stay the night.

day 3
Hebron & Bethlehem

After breakfast, we'll drive to Hebron to visit Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi in Hebron where lies the grave of three of the most illustrious Prophets and their wives. The four prophets are Ibrahim, his son Ishak and his son Yaqoob. You'll then enjoy a visit to the city of Halhlol where you'll visit Maqam Nabi Younis. On our way back we'll visit the birthplace of Nabina Issa in the city of Bethlehem and pray in Masjid Omar.

We'll then transfer to Alquds to visit Salman Farisi Maqam and Rabe’ah Aladawyah, before heading to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

day 4
Jericho - Jerusalem

After breakfast, we'll take a drive to Jericho "the city of palms". Jericho is touted as the world's oldest city, and it is believed to be 10,000 years old. After lunch we'll then proceed to Jerusalem to view the city from the Mt. of Olives which is Jerusalem's highest peak, taking its name from the fact that it was once covered with olive trees. To finish the day, we'll share dinner at the hotel before bed time.

day 5
Jerusalem - Allenby - Maqamat visit - Nabi Shuaib - Amman

After breakfast, we'll drive to the Allenby border to cross to Jordan. Here you will be met and assisted by your guide and transfer to Wadi Shuayb, near Salt, to the Shrine of Prophet Shuayb. From here we head to the Jordan Valley, to the tomb of Abu Ubaida Amer bin Al-Jarrah, a relative of Prophet Mohammad, commander of the Northern Muslim Army, and one of the Blessed Ten, to whom Mohammad promised paradise. We visit more of the tomb of Moath bin Jabal, who compiled the Holy Quran during the life of Prophet Mohammad, and the tomb of Dear bin Al Azwar. After the tour ends, you'll be transferred to your hotel in Amman for dinner and overnight stay.

day 6
Amman - Pleased Tree - Seven Sleepers cave - Bilal Bin Rabah Shrine - Amman

After breakfast, we'll head to the east desert of Jordan to visit the Please Tree, before heading to visit the Seven Sleepers Cave and Bila Bin Rabah Shrine. We'll then head back to Amman for a panoramic tour before dinner at the hotel.

day 7
Amman - Mutah - Amman

After breakfast, we'll drive to Mou’ta great battle and the Sahabah shrines. We'll see Ja’fer Al- Tayar and Abdullah Bin Rawaheh shrines in Mou’ta and Mazar before heading back to Amman. Enjoy the rest of the day exploring the city by yourself and shopping at your leisure. Dinner and overnight stay in Amman.

day 8

After breakfast, you'll have some free time until you transfer to Queen Alia Airport for departure for Umrah. Upon arrival, you'll check-in to Makkah Hotel and perform Umrah with the Scholar/Student of Knowledge.

day 9