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THE REVELATION TOUR with Ustadh Asim Khan

​​​​​​​Led by Ustadh Asim Khan

7 FEB - 17 FEB 2018

Join us this February for an Umrah with that extra special opportunity to learn and visit the locations where the holy Qur'an was revealed. We know you, our valuable customers have waited long and enquired for our sell out February tours for long enough, our only reason for keeping you anticipating was as usual to always try and better what we provide for you.

About The Scholar

Ustadh Asim Khan is currently the Imam of Redbridge Islamic Centre, Instructor for the Sabeel institute, & author for He has, from an early age, excelled in academic studies and has gained a Masters in Pharmacy from the University College London, UK, as well as studying Arabic and Qur'anic Sciences in Cairo, Egypt. He appears regularly on Islam Channel's religious programming & is currently presenting the Dreamer show for Eman Channel. Ustadh Asim has a special interest in Tafsir studies and teaches the subject in London where he lives.

The Group Leader

Mohammed Walid Nabibux is one of the joint Owners and Directors of Ibadah Tours Ltd, well known for his laid back and patient attitude towards all pilgrims, he has excelled in the knowledge of the 3 Holy Cities due to experience in travelling back and forth throughout the years. He will be at hand and the main go to guy on the tour.

Alhamdulillah he has been able to manage large groups travelling for Hajj, Umrah and Masjid Al Aqsa, both on the ground as well as back end support. He is aways keen to help with any queries, so we are sure you will be in the best of hands whilst on tour.

The Tour

Ustadh Asim Khan will be taking you to the places where revelation came down to the Prophet Muhammad SAW and sites that Allah SWT specifically talks about in Qur'an whilst going through the Tafsir of the Ayah. The tour will take you through historical events which changed the world, This package is unique and exclusive to Ibadah Tours and will be unmissable.

Alhamdulillah on this tour you will be staying at some of the best hotels the two Holy Cities have to offer in terms of service and location to you. As well as breakfast included in the amazing price. Lectures and guided tour will take place through Ustadh Asim Khan.

We have VIP coaches for all ground transfers including Ziyarah's throughout your journey. All Visa acquisitions will be dealt with through us and all costs are included in the package too, except if you are charged with the extra fees for a returning pilgrim. You can check this by visiting our website under the Umrah page.

The Booking

Now all we ask is for you be patient with us when booking as we know Alhamduillah we will be inundated with calls for this Tour through the Mercy of ALLAH SWT. However we will always get back to you all in due course.

Please also note that this package has limited spaces available and will be sold on a first come first served basis.

There will also be an option of a non refundable deposit available for the package and you will be able to pay off the remainder by mid January in order to make it easy for you all financially.

Finally, we look forward to hearing from you all. Keep us in your Duah's to continue striving hard for the Ummah in the work we do.

JazakhAllah Khairan

Your brothers

Ibadah Tours Ltd

BOOK BY 15th December 2018 and receive £50 off per person.

JazakhAllah Khairan

Ibadah Tours Ltd

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