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Please note this is a stance taken by us at Ibadah Tours in order to ensure our Pilgrims receive a fair and efficient solution to this years bookings. This is NOT an official stance by the Hajj Ministry as of yet.

As an organisation we have had to make this decision as time is running out with regards to our preparations for Hajj 2020 in terms of UK seminars, as well any new health and safety policies which would have had to be briefed with you all in due course. However as things are not clear to anyone around the world at this moment in time, we felt that the best option to take is to refund you all the funds in the most amicable of ways.

An added reason for us not releasing this news earlier is also due to the harsh conditions many other Agents will face if they cannot return the money to customers, in order for us to try and do our part in ensuring the best outcome for all Pilgrims that have intended to perform Hajj 2020, we have given other organisations plenty of time to find solutions by delaying our stance and therefore avoiding to cause any Fitna.

For all those Pilgrims who have NOT booked through us, we remind you again to please be as patient as possible with your booking agents. They may be trying to arrange refunds from suppliers etc in order to resolve their issue/s with customers. Even large and famous organisations in the travel and tourism sector like, expedia as well as the majority of major Airliners are only offering vouchers for future travel as their best possible solutions, hence it may prove to be slightly more difficult for smaller agencies.

We make Dua' all Pilgrims worldwide are treated as fairly as possible by their booking agents and are happy with solutions provided for them, and even though at Ibadah Tours Ltd we are privileged enough to be able to offer all our customers a full and total refund through the Mercy and Will of ALLAH SWT, we make Dua' that others in this industry can also find amicable solutions in order to sustain their businesses in this industry during these difficult moments. Ameen.

We look forward to visiting the Holy Lands once again as soon as possible, may ALLAH SWT accept our past and future intentions and open the doors for us all. Ameen.

As brilliant as it would have been to host you all this year for the journey of a lifetime, we are more than content knowing that ALLAH SWT is the best of all planner's. We look forward to reuniting with you all through future bookings with us.

We will be getting in contact with each individual booked through us within a 4 week period of this announcement to arrange the refunds.

Jazak'Allah Khairan

Your Team

Ibadah Tours Ltd

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