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السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ

Dear Brothers and Sisters, we are privileged to have Ustadh Asim Khan through a live Facebook stream this Sunday the 3rd of February. This live Webinar will detail the performance of Umrah and will end with a Q&A session open to all. Please join us this Sunday and help revitalise the knowledge we all require in order to perform Umrah.

You will be able to question directly from:

our facebook page -

or email us at -

(This webinar is part of our February 2019 Revelation Tour led by Ustadh Asim Khan, Pilgrims on tour are priority for q&a's however we will try and get through as many questions as possible within a specified time period. please note - the q&a forum will only be available until the live Webinar is over).

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