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We at Ibadah Tours Ltd would like to thank all of you kind hearted brothers and sisters who donated towards the poor and needy people of the UK to go and perform Hajj for free.

The contributions were amazing and we had raised up for one person to go within 3-4 days. Alhamdulillah through your help the brothers one Algerian and another of Somalian descent, both of which are suffering from Cancer, the latter of which is on stage 4 of the illness had completed their obligations. This is no small matter for all our donors too who In Sha Allah will gain the rewards of helping two people achieve this dream and obligation. On the day of Arafah when all sincere prayers are accepted and throughout the whole stay, you were all remembered in our Duahs as well as the Duahs of both the brothers. We have documented this as evidence that your donations were used in the correct manner and all funds were contributed towards the two brothers performing Hajj.

May ALLAH SWT grant you all happiness and success in this life and the next and may all your loved ones join you in the highest gardens of Jannah. Ameen

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