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The Land of the Prophets (AS).

Come and explore history through our 2018 packages, here are some of the tours planned for you.

Speak to us now and let us help arrange a rewarding and inspirational guided tour through the rewarding and beautiful grounds of Palestine.

Escape the entrapment of our daily UK lives and be ready to reach out to our brothers and sisters in a Land that truly is blessed.

Lets head to Masjid Al Aqsa together and discover the miraculous originality the site still preserves. Most importantly travel in hope that we are able to reach out for the reward of a minimal of 2 Rak’ah in the Qibli Masjid.

We promise you a Journey of a lifetime and plenty of time to concentrate on your individual journeys as we provide Flights,Hotel,Breakfast,Dinner,Transfers,Guided Tours and Lectures through our Tours, hence taking care of the logistics whilst our group immerses itself in growing love for this beautiful place through their own visions.

Book Now and avoid disappointment on 0208 004 6786



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JazakhAllah Khairan

Ibadah Tours Ltd

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