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Leave Your Legacy Appeal - PALESTINE 2020

Leave Your Legacy Appeal - PALESTINE Aim: ( Gaza, Ramallah refugee camp, Qattanah, Beit Annan, Bido, Nablus refugee camp, Bethlehem and Jericho)

£1864.18 SADAQAH to help with food parcels and Aid with medical supplies.

£5032.54 ZAKAT to be handed out as cash donations to the poor and needy.

•100% Donation Policy•

These are just some of the avenues your contributions last Ramadhan went towards. Through the will and mercy of ALLAH SWT each and every penny you donated was distributed towards the causes outlined. This year we continue the appeal. Support us in supporting them. May ALLAH SWT build you all a palace in Jannah for each and every penny you donate. Ameen

Donation Details

Bank Transfer:

Ibadah Tours Ltd Acc Number: 32195941 Sort Code: 40 07 15 Ref: ZKT=ZAKAT, SDQ = SADAQAH


Ibadah Tours 136 Palmerston Road London E17 6PY

Tel: 0208 004 6786

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