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As Salam U Aleikum

Dear respected brothers and sisters, we at Ibadah Tours Ltd always promise to make efforts in providing our clients with the most efficient ways to travel for Pilgrimages.

This year we have pioneered a simple payment plan for Hajj 2018 where you can reserve your spaces via a low deposit and pay the rest through installments.

If thats not enough we have also arranged a referral system which will enable you to bring down your package price by £200 for each person who books through you.

For many other companies who specialise in Hajj, the Visa's are like gold to them so they will not be offering any deals that match ours, why? Simply because at Ibadah Tours Ltd we believe our Clients are gold,

therefore keeping you guys happy keeps us happy.

Spaces are limited and we know this offer is unbelievable as well as unbeatable so please enquire now and make the most of this opportunity.

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