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WIN FREE UMRAH AND AQSA TOURS for all you football lovers!

As the most exciting and biggest Football league in the world gets ready to kick off, we at Ibadah Tours would like to invite you to join our FantasyLeague. Massive prizes to be given away for our top 2.

The Winner is awarded with a free trip for Umrah through an organised tour with Ibadah Tours.

For Second place we are giving away a free trip to Al Aqsa through an organised tour with Ibadah Tours.


The only catch is each participant HAS to Like our Facebook Page, the username you have to search for is @ibadahtours and you have to subscribe by filling out your email address and phone number on our website.

In order to do this please follow the simple steps

1- Log on to

2- Scroll all the way down on the home page

3- Fill out the very short subscription form by adding your email and phone number.

So a few clicks is all thats keeping you from a chance to win these great prizes. This competition may show only prizes Muslims may want to win however as we at Ibadah Tours are respectful of all religions and races we offer any winners who are Non Muslim the chance to either find somebody to buy their prize from them or a cash amount for the cost of the trip from us.

Any winners can choose to give their prize to anyone they want to. As we can only provide Visa's for UK citizens any winner for oversees gets the same rules applied to them as a Non Muslim would.

Only one prize per winner.


If youve never done this before its quick easy and simple. Just log onto

Sign up its free!!! And enter this league code: 1979051 - 552080

For all those that have done it before,get ready for a whooping!!! For fair play NO staff members from Ibadah Tours are eligible for any prizes. In the case we do win, the prizes will be given to the respective places in order.

Any winner of the league that does not adhere to our rules and regulations will be disqualified!!! This applied to everyone last year, However this year we have made it even easier to win by simply subscribing to our website and giving us a Like us on Facebook.

Kind regards!

Ibadah Tours

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