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Please help us help others and together we can gain in the rewards, surely the ones who give are the ones who are in real need, every time we can help others we should remember it is a blessing from ALLAH SWT in which a believer can gain towards their Akhirah.

Let us use Ramadhan to maximise and multiply our rewards. Let us do what little we can to try and save mankind.

Our 2020 appeal not only helps towards Ramadhan In Sha' Allah, but also after. This year we are truly humbled to help those in need through the following projects:

Pakistan (Tharparkar-Sindh) - Water Projects & Medical Help for Disabled Children.

Palestine (Gaza, Ramallah refugee camp, Qattanah, Beit Annan, Bido, Nablus refugee camp, Bethlehem and Jericho) - Food Parcels and Aid with Medical supplies.

Syria (Idlib, Atmah, Qah, Dana, Barisha, Darkoush, Maarat Misrin) - Build Shelters for widows and Orphans & food parcels for the poor and needy.

Somalia (Mogadishu, Marka, Balidwayni, Barawa) - Help with running costs of a Girls Orphanage and upgrade of facilities.

Kenya (Mombasa, Ukunda) - Building a new Boys Orphanage with School and Madrassah as well as food parcels for the poor.

Yemen (Al Hudayda) - Food parcels for the poor and needy.

Sierra Leone (Freetown) - Building a school for boys in the capital city.

With you help we can achieve these targets In Sha' Allah, All your proceeds will be shared equally amongst all the countries mentioned and hence we will be earning rewards for many different deeds. If we can get 10,000 Muslims to pay just £10 each we can achieve £100k towards the projects above and it would help them immensely.

Please give generously and remember the rewards of feeding someone, the rewards of looking after an orphan, the rewards of providing water, the rewards of saving a life.

Please share onto others.

We are a travel agency trying to excel as much as we can when it comes to helping others. May ALLAH SWT accept from us all and keep us all sincere in our actions.

All donations Zakaat or Sadaqah are 100%. We do not charge any admin fees or take any profit. Every penny will be delivered as promised In Sha' Allah. You can donate via Bank Transfer or Cash on the details provided at the end of the video or simply use our link below to donate online, make sure you click the edit button and opt out of paying any extra fees to ensure 100% Donation Policy:

For further information please contact us on:

Call: 0208 004 6786

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